Champagne Bises

Champagne Bises

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This Champagne is very special, one of a kind that was only made by the Lelarge-Pugeot family in Champagne. This wine is a Blanc de blancs but what makes it special is its dosage (a form of sweetness added to the finished Champagne - typically, sugar cane is used)

The dosage for this Bises cuvée was made with local honey instead of cane sugar.

The idea of this wine came from one of the main biodynamic principles which is sourcing from your farm, being self-sufficient. 

(Bises is pronounced "Bees" - it is french for kisses)


  • 35 year old vines
  • 100% Chardonnay 
  • Organic farming


  • Non Vintage
  • Hand picked
  • Native yeast, Low sulfur
  • Aged in stainless steel
  • Aged on the lees, in the bottle for 5 years 
  • Extra-Brut - Dosage : 2g/L
  • The "liquor de dosage" ( was made with the estate's honey) 
  • 12% alcohol


  • Appearance: Fine bubbles, golden blonde
  • Nose: Green apple, white acacia, crushed almonds
  • Mouth: Fuller mouth feel from the added honey. Flavors of ripe apples, candied pears with a finale of honey. 


  • For most enjoyable tasting, pour the wine between 9° and 11°C 
  • Open anytime in the next five years.

Food Pairing:

Lemon Meringue Pie