"La Truffiere" Rhone Valley Grenache
"La Truffiere" Rhone Valley Grenache

"La Truffiere" Rhone Valley Grenache

Domaine de la Taurelle
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This wine comes from our friend Antoine, a young wine- maker who just took over his family business in the Côte du Rhône appellation. This 100% Grenache cuvee is a firework of flavors! This wine is like a little piece of South of France in a bottle.


  • 70 year old vines
  • 100% grenache


  • 100% hand picked
  • Aged in stainless steel
  • 13.5% alcohol


  • Appearance: Ruby red, some purple.
  • Nose: Intense red plum and raspberry. Clear, English candy.
  • Mouth: Fresh! Moderate acidity complements the warmth of the grenache grape. Complex aromas of red fresh fruit, red plum, and raspberry. Long finish of spice notes. Cloves. Luscious and tasty!


  • For most enjoyable tasting, pour the wine between 15.5° – 18.3° C.
  • Open anytime in the next ten years.

Food Pairing:

  • Drink this grenache with dessert, especially chocolate. Delicious with a veal cutlet or mustard-crusted rabbit as well. This aromatic bomb of a wine can be enjoyed any time, with friends, or on your own!