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The Marin family is based in the village of Clessé, in the north of the Mâconnais region.  In 1998, Viré-Clessé was designated as the newest Cru of the region, and Robert Marin transitioned from only farming to creating their own estate and making wine.  Originally, his daughter Justine left home to work in online wine sales in Mâcon.  In Mâcon, Justine met Pierre-Julien, Paul's brother, who was working for the same company.  Since then they had a baby together, and in 2018 both decided that they would take over their family wineries.  Today, Domaine Marin is literally part of our family. 

The domaine's 60 acres of Chardonnay vineyards are on the northernmost hill of the Mâconnais overlooking the Sâone plain.  The vineyards are over fifty years old on average, and enjoy the preferred southeastern exposure with morning sun.  Concerned about nature and loving their land, they cultivate the vines with care using the practices of "lutte raisonneé'.  Before 1998 they sold their grapes to a coop, but today Domaine Robert Marin is an independent winemaker, vinifiying and bottling their wines at the estate.

Their Chardonnays are made with hand-picked grapes.  Viré-Clessé has a heavier, fuller mouth than southern Mâconnais wines like Pouilly-Fuisseé, with a gold-green color and aromas of honey and acacia.  Their wines are available in four cuvées, three from Viré-Clessé and one Macon-Villages. Only 50,000 bottles are produced each year.

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