Our wines come from friends and family in France who work carefully on their wine from field to bottle with complete control over the winemaking process. There are so many small farmer-winemakers making great wine who don’t have the time or opportunity to sell outside of their local market. Because of our personal connections, they’re taking a risk and trusting us with their wines halfway across the world. Our mission is to support these small producers by expanding their market, and to provide you, our friends in California, with a great, artisanal product that you can’t get anywhere else. Because our wines come from close friends and family, the wine we offer is focused regionally. Starting with Paul’s parents, Jean-Luc and Veronique at Domaine Coteaux des Margots in Pierreclos, we are searching for the best wines from our friends in the surrounding region of Macon, in the south of Burgundy.