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Domaine de la Taurelle is located in the warm, Southern Rhone valley in the middle of the Drome.  This Mediterranean location is hot, windy and dry, and famous for its truffle fields. Brothers Antoine and Martin Roux took over the family winery in 2017 with the goal of moving from bulk wine sales to develop a bottle production.  Before taking over his winery, Antoine came to California during Paul's second harvest internship, and he quickly became good friends with both Paul and Ale.

The domaine's vineyards are all certified organic, and include vines over 75 years old.  They produce Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Grenache-Blanc, and Bourboulenc.  Grapes destined for the bottle program are all hand picked.  

The warm weather of the region makes wines that are dark, ripe and fruity.  Antoine does not use lab cultured yeast in his winemaking process, instead allowing wild native yeasts to ferment his delicious, natural wines. 

In 2019, Antoine had to stop production of his wines for financial reasons.  He is currently selling grapes under a three-year contract to a local co-op, but we hope he re-establishes an independent winery in 2022!



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