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Domaine Martin Clerc is based in Les Roches de Condrieu, a village in the Northern Rhône Valley near famous Condrieu.  Martin's father, Louis, founded the estate in 1990 where they produce Côte Rôtie and Condrieu on the high slopes and Collines Rhôdaniennes in the foothills.  After Louis passed away in 2013, Martin, who was in wine school with Paul at the University of Suze la Rousee, took over and renamed the estate.

High on the hillsides, their vineyards are organized in terraces, with short rows of vines planted together on small platforms.  Here, a vineyard can be composed of up to 100 terraces held up by ancient stone walls. The yield of the vines is controlled by thinning fruit to get the best and most concentrated flavors in the wine.  

While the highest elevation vines are aged and fermented in oak barrels, the IGP wines from further down the hillsides are made with a majority of stainless steel blended with neutral oak.  This makes these wines crisp and fresh, a style that we love. 

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