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Lelarge-Pugeot blends eight generations of tradition with forward looking agriculture. The family has tended to vineyards in the village of Vigny in Montagne de Reims since 1789. Today, out of 2000 Champagne producers, they're one of only 25 crafting organic, biodynamic wines.

Lelarge-Pugeot trusts in their vines’ ability to tend themselves, and they believe that natural processes make for the best wines—wines that are vibrant, safe to consume, and full of life.

That’s why they nurture their soil with essential oils, organic compost, and plant infusions.  They plow their rows with horses like they have for 200 years, and they allow their wines to undergo a natural fermentation process, using native yeast and little to no sulfur.

All of the wines wines are aged for at least two years in the bottle before being enjoyed around the world. The estate is creating new traditions—tending to the earth, trusting the vines, and looking out for the health of everyone who enjoys their harvest.


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