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Fendant AOC Valais 2018

Fendant AOC Valais 2018

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Another rare and unique wine from Switzerland, that only exports 2% of its total production. Fendant is a swiss appellation in the Valais region, grown on the hilly slopes of the Rhône (yes, the Rhône river has its headwaters in Switzerland). This wine uses Chasselas, a uniquely Swiss white grape varietal that is the most planted grape in the country. Enjoy over lunch with fresh shrimp, caprese salad, or beef carpaccio. With it’s screwcap, it’s perfect for a Sunday picnic, too! 12.5% abv.

Appearance: Shining golden white.

Nose: Fresh mineral silica, opening to notes of figs and ripe pear.

Mouth: Dry with intense acidity and typical light carbonation. Low alcohol, crisp and fresh. Citrus: lime and lemon.