Domaine du Petit Perou

Domaine du Petit Pérou, “Little Peru”, for the terrain of the region, lies in the Beaujolais region, just over the hills from Paul’s family winery.  The winery has a capacity of 1,200 hectoliters, and most of the wine is produced in cement vats and 2.25 hectoliter casks.  The winery was started by Jean Thevenet in 1886, and passed down to Henri, Roger, Laurent and finally Hugo, the son of the current owners.  Hugo and Paul met in wine school in 2012, and they finished their studies in 2015 with a Vocational Diploma in Vineyards and Wine, then Higher Technical Diploma in Technical Sales for Wines & Spirits. 

The winery currently produces mostly Gamay in the appellations of Brouilly and Morgon, but they are currently expanding their production of Chardonnay, and in 2016 they produced their first Syrah Beaujolais, an very unique and amazing wine that we were lucky to get in its first vintage! 

The vineyards are entirely hand pruned, and ploughed in spring and fall to minimize herbicide use.  The Gamays are thermo-vinified and undergo carbonic maceration to develop aroma and color, and then are cooled to 20°C, and the whites are cold-fermented over the course of an entire month.  Like the whites, the Syrah is also cold-vinified, and then matured in 500 liter oak casks to develop a delicate yet complex aroma and silky tannins.